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About Our Brand

myGlamUSA has been creating natural products that nourish your skin and promote a natural radiance. Made with loving care, our products seek to promote an overall sense of well-being, while promoting naturally beautiful skin. Boasting formulations that are natural and nature-derived, this skincare collection promises petal-soft skin and a luminous glow that only earth’s ingredients can deliver. Ingredients rich in antioxidants, such as Saffron,  Rose, Argan oil & Vitamin C help fade dark spots, correct regeneration of skin cells and are perfect for any skin type. The priceless benefits of exfoliation through scrubs & masks are know to all. At home Dermarolling can help the skin naturally fill in wrinkles as new collagen and elastin are produced in those areas. It can stimulate collagen and elastin, which repairs skin irregularities such as scars. We have a well rounded selection of a skincare regime that will help in overall rejuvenation and beautifying of your skin.

It is hard to find a balanced hair care routine, given the damage that our hair goes through on a daily basis due to pollution, chemical treatments and the like. According to the Ayurveda, applying oil on your hair and massaging it regularly boosts the strength and texture of your hair. It also improves your sleep, calms your mind, gives relief from headaches, prevents premature greying of hair etc. Our Ayurmagic hair oil repairs transitioning hair, delivering nutrient-rich nourishment to hair follicles. Ayurmagic hair oil works well for those wishing to repair brittle hair and split ends, and is recommended for people with slow hair growth.

Our products are vegan and cruelty-free.


Wonderful oil! I have been using it for a couple of months. it works well. It feels great on the skin. Not greasy, which is Great! Makes my face feel a smooth and fresh feeling.

Seema Salman Makhani

I’ve been using their vitamin c serum and argan oil for a month and can see major changes on my skin. It has lighten my spots and my skin has started glowing. I highly recommend these two amazing products of MyGlamUSA. Thanks a lot. 😊👌

Amber Haqqi

Very impressed with the products especially the facial scrub. Thanks Rashmi n all the best for the success!

Nikhat Qureshi

Thank you for your lovely mask and toner. I have used it multiple times and makes my skin look younger and soft and not to forget the hair oil . Guys I highly recommend these products.❤️Thanks again Rashmi !

Dilshad Ajani

I got her hair oil and its amazing! .My hair never felt so soft,shiny and healthy.
I would highly recommend recommend this to all who have dry ,frizzy hair like mine

Suraiya Hyder

have recently started using the Saffrose Toner and I must say I love the smell and feel
of it. The final results are still in progress but with every use skin does feel clean and refreshed. The smell and feel kind of reminds me of my “mayoon” days 😁! Keep it up 👍

Novaira Ahsan

All the products are really working for my hair and face Must try

Nisho Arif Sattar

Rashmi with myglamusa is a phenomenal makeup artist. and I am absolutely in love with the vitamin c serum the glow secret.... and the argan oil I use it on my hands, nails and hair to dim down the frizz and also on my lips and face for hydration, I would absolutely recommend her and the two products I've been using for 4 months now, my skin looks amazing I was very pleased with my results, anyone who is seeking a professional artist for any occasion. She offered some great makeup tips/advice that were very helpful, I would definitely use her services again."

Sadia Sanam

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