-Where are myGlamUSA's products made?

  -All our products are made in USA

-How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the product and your goal. Some customers see results, such as softer and more hydrated skin, within a few days. Weekly use of our dermaroller along with daily use of Vitamin C Serum and our Moroccon Argan Oil minimizes the look of fine lines and other visible signs of aging after 45 days.

-What are the benefits of Vitamin C Serum?

-Our Glow Secret Vitamin C Serum is created with high quality Vitamin C, Ferulic acid & Vitamin E which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving the skin hydrated, bright, plump and radiant!  

-Is it normal for the Vitamin C Serum to change color?

-Yes, Because it is all natural and not chemically dyed or full of preservatives it is normal for the color to darken a little bit! Don’t worry though, it is still 100% safe to use and does not affect the quality of the product! It is recommended to use the product within 90 days after opening for full potency.

-Are your products safe for all skin types?

-Yes! We created all our products to be safe and effective for all skin types!